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Like all self-regulatory organizations, we have a standard setting process that intends to address community issues in a manner that is acceptable to the community. We address the social issues in a way that regulatory agencies cannot. The process is intended to create a fair and reasonable mechanism for the collaboration between accredited entities and entrepreneurs. We work collaboratively with other organizations through our Board of Governors to make this happen. For example, the Chair of the Systems Board of Governors is doing outreach within the entrepreneurial ecosystem to drive awareness that we can all build a better ecosystem.

Our standards provide a baseline level of quality and process that all community members agree to and to which they must adhere. The standards in development can only be viewed by community members in the TANRC System.

Below is the current list of standards. We encourage the community to attend the upcoming spring elections for new board members at which our current standards will be reviewed.

  • STD-1A Compliance for Financial Endorsement
  • STD-1A Intake Standards
  • STD-1A Investor Level of Care
  • STD-1A Pitching Standards
  • STD-1A Program Level Accountability
  • STD-1A Project Management Standards
  • STD-1A Requirement for Entrepreneur Basic Financial Literacy and Self-Responsibility
  • STD-1A Service Provider Standards - IT Developers

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